Tips To Prepare Your Home For Sale


  • Check that the doorbell works
  • Clear and de-clutter the entrance and living rooms.  Rearrange furniture if necessary
  • Repair chipped or cracked plaster
  • Check that all taps are in good working order with no drips or leaks
  • Ensure that curtains or blinds are clean and undamaged
  • Re-organise bookcases
  • Hide any electrical wiring to TV or stereo
  • Clean cupboards
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Clean mirrors and glass screens
  • Clean all floor coverings.  Professional carpet steam cleaners make a big difference
  • Make all beds
  • Clean and polish throughout, paying special attention to the kitchen and bathroom
  • Remove mould from the shower recess and soap stains from shower floor.  Consider replacing shower curtain
  • Clean dirty dishes and remove dishes from dishwasher
  • Put away small appliances such as hair dryers in order to minimise clutter
  • Empty rubbish bins and neutralise unpleasant odours
  • Reduce general clutter, i.e. fridge magnets or cook books
  • Put out clean towels, soap and air fresheners in the bathroom and/or toilets


  • The street appeal of your property will greatly influence buyers
  • Check paintwork, guttering, brickwork and fascia boards. They may need a brush down or coat of paint
  • Clear gutters of debris
  • Remove weeds and dead leaves from gardens, trim plants and add mulch where necessary
  • Clean out the garage and/or shed to minimise the amount of clutter and create more space
  • Repair any cracked or broken glass, damaged fence panels and gate hinges
  • Ensure all doors open, slide freely and easily lock and unlock
  • Check that all fly screens are fitted in place and are in good condition
  • Remove children’s toys from the yard and roll up the garden hose
  • Clean barbeque
  • Remove junk mail from the letterbox. Prominently display the house number

Tips for Open House Inspections

  • Open curtains and blinds to let in as much light as possible
  • Vases of fresh flowers or bowls of fresh fruit add colour.  Flowers also add a pleasant fragrance
  • Light a cosy fire in winter, or turn air-conditioning on in summer
  • Display a few glossy lifestyle magazines on the coffee table
  • Brew some coffee before each inspection
  • Have some light music playing in the background
  • Put away or remove all valuables, jewellery and mementos
  • Minimise the amount of personal photos – you want the buyer to picture themselves in the property
  • Remove pets and any evidence of pets during the inspection
  • Try to be out of the house during the inspection so the buyers feel more comfortable